Welcome to Yardelm's home page, the web site of my original electronic music.

Below are the current albums available for download on most electronic distributors. All songs are written and produced by David Melstrand.

Check out my new album "Some Strings, Some Sythns and Other Things"

Album can be purchased for $8 at bandcamp by clicking on the purchase link in the player. Click the next button to sample each track.

Only If
For a Moment
Think Fast

Yardelm's String Quartet album. Think Strings

One dollar per track or $7 for the entire album.

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Yardelm's first 4 albums.

Planted Firmly

Firmly Planted.
Download for free.

El Toro del
Dough Boy
Slip and Slide

Branching Out

Branching Out.
Download for free.

Celery Sweepstakes
Ascension or Descension


Purchase entire album for $4.

Riding the Tides

Means to an End

Means to an End all tracks 75 cents.
Or purchase entire album for $5.00.

Got to Think
E Funk So
Means to an End

Thanks for taking the time to visit the site and I really hope you enjoyed the music!

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